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Heres Where I Came In

The 2018-2019 season has been unusual, though, because the flu came in two waves: one that peaked at the end of December, and a second that peaked in early March. The two peaks were caused by two different strains of the flu virus, and the protection given by vaccination early in the season may have waned by the time the second strain appeared.

Heres Where I Came In

An estimated 60% of known infectious diseases and 75% of all new, emerging, or re-emerging diseases in humans have animal origins. SARS-CoV-2 is the newest of seven coronaviruses found in humans, all of which came from animals, either from bats, mice or domestic animals. Bats were also the source of the viruses causing Ebola, rabies, Nipah and Hendra virus infections, Marburg virus disease, and strains of Influenza A virus.

It is also important to remember that around one in five of all mammal species on Earth are bats, with some found only in certain locations and others migrating across vast distances. This diversity and geographical spread makes it a challenge to identify which group of bats SARS-CoV-2 originally came from.

It could simply be that infected people accidentally brought the virus into the city and then the wet market, where the enclosed, busy conditions increased the chances of the disease spreading rapidly. This includes the possibility of one of the scientists involved in bat coronavirus research in Wuhan unknowingly becoming infected and bringing the virus back from where their subject bats lived. This would still be considered natural infection, not a laboratory leak.

Since the mRNA in the vaccine is not produced by the cell nucleus, where DNA is kept, it never affects our genome in any way. It just joins the stream of other mRNA being sent through our body to produce proteins and regulate our bodies.

That is where my own ancestors came from. Immigration from Poland is indeed shown in the graphic. However, during the large wave in the early 20th century, Poland was under foreign rule so the immigration is attributed mostly to Russia (data source: -content/uploads/2016/05/usa-immigration-statistics-2013.pdf)

A type of In Medias Res/Whole Episode Flashback, where the story opens at a point at the middle or near the end of the story, and the bulk of the story is spent showing how the character got to this point.

  • Fan Works Advice and Trust: The prologue happens two months after the first chapter. Much of the opening act is spent chronicling the time before and after that period. This ends in Chapter 5, where the story has caught back up and moves forward.

  • Arc of the Revolution opens with the Jaune-led White Fang inside Beacon Tower, having successfully defeated Ozpin and conquered Vale. The next chapter rewinds to the beginning of Jaune's journey to becoming the Supreme Commander of the Revolution.

  • Dragon Ball Reboot: The first few pages of the comic introduce the final battle of the Frieza arc with a Super Saiyan Gine subduing Frieza with an arm bar despite him being at 100% full power. The comic then goes back to when Gine first escaped from Planet Vegeta and tells the story of how all this came to be.

  • In NUMB3RS story Elemental Four starts with Don being chained with water rushing over him and the next chapter starts with the team investigating the death of a DEA agent. In the story Surfacing, the story starts with Alan being held at gunpoint and Don and the gunman both looking to make their next move and the story then jumps back 12 days as Alan looks to meet with new clients for his and Stan's business.

  • The Enchanted Kingdom starts with a pony named North Ridge encountering Rarity in a bar, with the entire kingdom looking for her. She tells him her story.

  • The Miraculous Ladybug fic Eye of the Beholder opens by describing a kiss between Ladybug/Marinette and Pavo Real/Alya in their superhero forms, about six months after they begun fighting Akumas together, and revealing that a couple of months later Alya will be kissing Chat Noir/Adrien. "But perhaps some context is in order."

  • Chapter 81 of FREAKIN GENSOKYO focuses on how Matt, Rumia and Shikome arrived in the Palace of the Earth Spirits at the end of Chapter 80. A teleporter and an angry Buddhist are involved.

  • Guardian begins with Lulu volunteering to be the Final Aeon late in Final Fantasy. Then it goes back to her childhood to detail her first two pilgrimages and friendship with Yuna. The in-game scene at Zanarkand is revisited at the beginning of each chapter.

  • Hard Being Pure: The very first scene shows Noa throwing up her stomach in a bathroom stall. The following scenes jump two days back to explain how this came to be.

  • Hop to It opens with Jack being targeted by an akuma butterfly, transforming into Rabbit, and trying and failing to purify it. She then tries to use Lucky Strike, only to somehow cast Dogstruction instead and tear up the street while trying to escape. After she asks herself "How did everything come to this?", the story cuts back a few hours.

  • The 22nd chapter of the Harry Potter fanfic I Saw My Lady Weep begins with Ginny Weasley on the edge of death, being rushed into a Muggle emergency room and receiving life-saving care. The 23rd chapter tells the story of how she ended up in an emergency room. (She was hit by a delivery truck while walking through London on her own for the first time.)

  • Imitation Steamrollers opens with Thomas, Emily, Percy and Gina awaiting the results of George the steamroller's trial, then flashes back to the events that lead up to that point.

  • Chapter 14 of The Immortal Game starts with Titan conversing with Celestia while simultaneously torturing Twilight. The rest of the chapter explains how he came to be torturing Twilight.

  • In Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail, the Prelude to Part 2 shows off the events that had Hop land on the Infinity Train days before Chloe Cerise ran away from home.

  • In the Xenoblade Chronicles fanfic It Was Right On The Tip Of My Tongue the fic starts with Zeke fighting Taion. Then Zeke decides this is too confusing, and immediately launches into a flashback of when he was sent on the mission two weeks earlier. In the middle of the fight.Zeke: (blocking an attack) Not now, I'm having a flashback! Taion: He's what? Pandoria: Having a flashback.

  • Linked in Life and Love opens with Blake Belladonna waking up one morning to find she just had sex with the rest of Team RWBY. After that, everything up to chapter 6 tells the story of how this happened.

  • The Loud Awakening starts with a prologue that shows Lincoln and some of his sisters, now gifted with superpowers and transformed into non-human forms, acting as a superhero team. The story then rewinds back to 1,5 years ago and shows how they came to be this way.

  • Loved and Lost begins with Princess Celestia and Luna exiled and in different parts outside of Equestria (Celestia in a desert and Luna on top of a mountain), respectively raising the sun and lowering the moon. The story proper explains what led to their predicament.

  • Mergers starts with Brock getting Steelix DNA and being caught in a Master Ball, then flashes back to show how it all happened.

  • MLP Next Generation: Know Fear! opens with Starburst already as the Fear Lantern and fighting griffon soldiers in Stalliongrad. The next couple of chapters show how this came to pass.

  • Peace Forged in Fire starts In Medias Res at the beginning of peace talks between the Romulan Republic and Romulan Star Empire, then cuts to five days earlier to introduce the cast and more fully explain how they got to that point.

  • The Princess of Themyscira: The story opens with Soarin' waking up on Themyscira and being confronted by Diana, with the next couple of chapters being spent showing her backstory and how he ended up there.

  • The crossover fic The Pros and Cons to living a triple life opens during the Shujin Volleyball Rally, which plays out very differently to canon when Sora steps up and absolutely humiliates Kamoshida without breaking a sweat. The next few chapters cut back two weeks to explain what he and Kairi are even doing there.

  • The Rise of Darth Vulcan: The story opens with Vulcan imprisoned in Canterlot and being interrogated by Celestia. The next 18 chapters are composed of him narrating to the Princesses how he arrived in Equestria and rose to be Public Enemy Number One.

  • One of the first pages in Rocket Member leads into this after showing Meowth cuddling awkwardly with Pikachu at night.

  • Son of the Sannin: Chapter 32 begins with a scene of Sasuke and Naruto fighting against each other, as the prelude to the final arc of Part I. The story then skips to two days before to explain how things came to that and eventually revealing that things are not what it seems at first glance.

  • Issue 0 of Sonic the Continuation starts with Sonic fighting Metal Sonic, then flashes back to how it all started.

  • Super Villain Prevention 101 begins with Harley Quinn being held hostage by the Joker, before cutting to how she got there.

  • Taaroko's Buffy the Vampire Slayer opens with a chapter devoted exclusively to Oz's activities after he left Sunnydale, as he moves to Cleveland, joins a new band, and masters control of his wolf side before the destruction of Sunnydale.

  • Through the Eyes of Anon-a-Miss starts with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo in the principal's office, after the three of them confessed to being the true Anon-a-Miss cyberbullying culprits the previous night. Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna then request the full story of why they started Anon-a-Miss before they decide how to punish them. The intermission chapters cut back to the present day, where we see Celestia and Luna's reactions to the horrible actions they've performed for their scheme.

  • Trunk's New Look begins with the titular character wondering how the hell he ended up in his mother's Playboy Bunny outfit. It's a valid concern.

  • The Flashback chapters of The Twilight Child explain how the main character ended up the way she has, and why she was behaving the way she was in the first chapter, in-between a few acts of Break the Cutie.

  • Two Letters opens six months after Marinette chose to retire from being Ladybug. The story balances scenes set in the present with the gradual reveal of the contents of the two letters she wrote beforehand, wherein she explains her reasons for retiring to the recipients.



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