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Ese Dita E Shkolles Son15

Ese Dita E Shkolles Son15

Ese Dita E Shkolles Son15 is a popular Albanian song by the singer and songwriter Cartietinme1986. The song was released on SoundCloud in 2023 and has received over 10 million plays. The song is about the singer's memories of his school days and how he misses his friends and teachers.

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The song has a catchy melody and a rap verse that showcases the singer's skills and creativity. The song also has a nostalgic and emotional tone that resonates with many listeners who have gone through similar experiences. The song has been praised by critics and fans alike for its originality and authenticity.

The song is part of the album "Son15", which is the singer's debut album. The album contains 15 songs that explore different themes and genres, such as love, friendship, family, social issues, and more. The album was also released on SoundCloud in 2023 and has received positive reviews and feedback from the audience.

The singer Cartietinme1986 is a rising star in the Albanian music scene. He started his career as a rapper and producer in 2020 and has since gained a loyal fan base and recognition. He is known for his versatile style and his ability to blend different musical influences, such as pop, rock, hip hop, folk, and more. He is also an active social media user and often interacts with his fans online.

If you want to listen to the song "Ese Dita E Shkolles Son15" or the album "Son15", you can find them on SoundCloud by following these links: [Ese Dita E Shkolles Son15] or [Son15]. You can also follow the singer Cartietinme1986 on SoundCloud by clicking [here].


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