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VA - We Will Rock You (2022) Mp3.part2.rar

The album begins with a great piano intro from John Tout on "Trip to the Fair." The song is a 10-minute epic and includes many themes. After the intro, the song enters a soft xylophone-led passage with Annie Haslam's unique female vocals. The song then picks up and features some outstanding harmonies before going into a xylophone solo!! This is some truly fantastic work right off the bat. "The Vultures Fly High," starts off very rambunctiously. The song is a massive deep cut and I haven't seen it mentioned nearly as much as the other 3 on the album, yet it is one of the strongest. Towards the end of the song, a key switch occurs and very Pink Floyd-esque synths add to the atmosphere. Side 1 ends with the much more ambient "Ocean Gypsy," which is also the lead single off the album. Dominated by acoustic guitar and somber vocals the song has a very distinct chord progression which I really enjoy. The chorus of the song is really nice as well. Halfway through the song, the tone changes to a more uplifting one with more spectacular harmonies from Annie Haslam carrying it to the end. This song is an absolute mood, and I recommend listening to it while reading or doing something relaxing.Consisting of 9 movements, the 25-minute epic "Song of Scheherazade" makes up side 2 completely. Beginning with booming horns (Fanfare), the song quickly turns to a high-paced section that is dominated by strings, horns, and xylophones. After the adrenaline rush, the song cools off with somber vocals entering into a much softer part (The Betrayal). Jon Camp sings lead vocals on this song, and his voice fits perfectly with the tone of the song. The melodic piano gives the impression that the mood will carry on (The Sultan) but drums pick up the song with strings and bassoon entering later as well. The song is carried by strings which are a more medieval substitute for mellotron. Annie Haslam's vocals enter (Love Theme) for an acoustic guitar ballad, which is broken by a pickup in the song with amazing strings. After about a minute of ambiance (The Young Prince and Princess) the song reaches one of its best parts where some very Gryphon-esque piano enters and pulls the song into a more fast-paced section. Horns and strings intertwine with each other creating various overtures, all over an amazing bass line from Jon Camp. After a short acoustic section (Festival Preparations) the song goes back to the main theme from prior in the song (Fugue for the Sultan) with some horn interludes. The song finds itself in a vocal-led section from Annie Haslam (The Festival), and some awesome xylophone also enters. After the haunting line, "The Sultan and Scheherazade are one," the song heads into its final movement (Finale) and returns to the main theme for a grandiose ending. Overall an amazing progressive rock classic featuring some of the greatest raw musicianship of all time coupled with creative storytelling and lyricism. Highly recommended to ALL prog fans. social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Monday, March 6, 2023 Review this album Report (Review #2897035)

VA - We Will Rock You (2022) Mp3.part2.rar

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