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LDMA €? Sample Pack Vol. 1 (WAV)

LDMA Sample Pack vol. 1 (WAV)

If you are looking for some fresh and inspiring sounds for your electronic music production, you might want to check out the LDMA Sample Pack vol. 1 (WAV). This is a collection of high-quality samples and loops created by LDMA, a talented producer and sound designer from Romania.

LDMA is known for his versatile and eclectic style, ranging from ambient and downtempo to techno and house. He has released several EPs and albums on labels such as [Cinematique Records], [Manual Music], and [Traum Schallplatten]. He has also performed live at various festivals and clubs around the world.

Download File:

The LDMA Sample Pack vol. 1 (WAV) contains over 300 MB of original sounds, including:

  • OP-1 Sounds: A selection of synth patches and drum kits from the popular portable synthesizer by Teenage Engineering.

  • Moog Subsequent 37 Sounds: A collection of basses, leads, pads, and arps from the legendary analog synthesizer by Moog Music.

  • Synth Loops: A variety of melodic and rhythmic loops created with various hardware and software synthesizers.

  • Drum Loops: A range of groovy and punchy drum loops suitable for different genres and tempos.

  • FX Sounds: A set of atmospheric and experimental sound effects to spice up your tracks.

  • Kicks, Snares, Percussion Shots, Bass Shots: A library of one-shot samples to create your own drum patterns and bass lines.

All the samples are in WAV format, 24-bit, 44.1 kHz, and are compatible with any DAW or sampler. You can use them royalty-free in your own productions or remixes.

You can listen to a demo of the LDMA Sample Pack vol. 1 (WAV) on [SoundCloud] or watch a video of LDMA using some of the sounds on [YouTube]. You can also follow LDMA on [Instagram] to stay updated on his latest releases and gigs.

If you are interested in purchasing the LDMA Sample Pack vol. 1 (WAV), you can do so on [Gumroad] for only $10. You will receive a download link via email after completing the payment.

The LDMA Sample Pack vol. 1 (WAV) is a great opportunity to get some fresh and inspiring sounds from a talented producer and sound designer. Whether you are making ambient, techno, house, or any other genre of electronic music, you will find something useful and creative in this sample pack. Don't miss it!


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